Mona Lisa into 2013 – Da Vinci Codes and Hidden Symbols: A Look Through History’s 510 year old mystery Through New Eyes

The recent discovery of Leonard Da Vinci’s hidden symbols, painted on canvas, below the surface of the mysterious image of Mona Lisa stunned the research team entrusted to investigate the painting.The markings, discovered through x ray technology to have been painted prior to finishing stokes, has the art world and symbology world atwitter.

In the last three years, researchers intent on revealing the late master’s 500 year old secrets have declared stunning new developments, including, what they claim is the number 72 painted behind Mona Lisa’;s right eye. History would be wise to take notice.

Now we know Da Vinci was born April 15th 1452 ( tax day) and began the Mona Lisa at the age of 51, after a lifetime of study in mathamatics, war engineering technologies, creating far reaching proto types of submarines, heloicopters, etc….This man was so far ahead of his time, he still captivates the world today. I have seen the painting several times, first as a small child in 1967, and then again over the years as I have returned to Paris on business and pleasure. I have watched the tourists scratch their heads.. They KNOW there is a mystery behind her smile. She know somethiing… She has a secret, a very important secret that can chance peoples lives. When she tells this secret to the the rest of the world, if she tells it of course, a lot of people will disagree with her… but, she knows what she knows, no one can chance that..

So as researchers have started their investigation on the eyes, and hit pay dirt, now they must come to terms with, what I think, could be a revolutionary way to look at Da Vinci in his majestic entirety.. in ways Dan Brown may have pointed to…. To give you the story in a nutshell, we start with this

Now on to my ponderance. or rather ponderances…..
What if,hidden behind Mona Lisa’s smile, lies a pattern of markings, with a hidden message for a later date? Should we be looking closely at the entire canvas for clues, not just the eyes? We know that what Da Vinci feared most were floods, tidal waves, drowning, water gone wrong. Note the serene water behind Mona Lisa. Could her secret have to do with a amazing insight Da Vinci had about water, and perhaps his answer is hidden behind not just the eyes of the portrait, but behind the entire canvas. Could the peaceful enigma the world knows as “Mona Lisa” actually hide a torrential downpour, a tsunami of water, all dressed up in soft beguiling pigment? Is the most secretive and mysterious smile on earth really a message that, like calm waters turn to rough seas, so too do warm smiles turn into gnashing teeth.Da Vinci, the master of dichotomy, would be capable of such a message. In fact, it would be right up his alley.

His “Riddles”, a corpus of moody and brillantly penatrating drawings sketches and writings, drip deeply with his fear of water. Read his seminal insights on water engineering, and water weaponry in this regard. Floods, consuming floods, controlling water all spelled out in detail…It is as if he is predicting Katrina, Irene, Superstorm Sandy, etc. The man used parhcment sparingly. he could write backwards, and with both hands. He understood water’s fearful symetry long before it became a fashionble term.His eyes saw differently, as Mozart’s ears heard differently, as the rarest among us have the rarest of gifts to stun us centuries later.

Da Vinci actually SAW things differently, that is to say that he took in motion unlike other human beings, He could calculate depth, velocity, color in an instant, would gaze for hours watching birds fly, spent his greatest energies on water…always water..his greatest fear and his greatest problem solving issue….Now for a man bent on hiding his riddles for future generations, it would be just like him to hide his greatest riddles behind his greatest works. Perhaps this is why he kept the painting till he died…..

Now what if he created hidden markings, codes, riddles, behind the entire canvas arena of the Mona Lisa? What if there is a broad constellation of messages embedded in the canvas, delivered in the same manner as he entered crytic knowledge in his codex’s? What if, in many of his late paintings, Da Vinci left clues, clues he wanted kept hidden from the prying eyes of the church, or potential enemies, or feuding ducalities? It stands to reason, considering this genius’s methodology, incredible  acccuracies  and clandestine ways, and in light of his times, Da Vinci had to hide much of what he created.What if researchers have only just begun to unravel the tip of the glacier.Leonardo’s greatest riddles may just be revealed soon.What if Da Vinci had more than one code? ……and what if the codes are hidden in plain sight?. We are on the advent of looking at his art, and the art of the entire renaissance with bold new eyes…….Thomas Schoenberger


Thomas Schoenberger