I should Have Been a Detective..How Composers and Historians Relate to Investigators. Thomas Schoenberger

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If I had my life to live over again, I would have become a detective. Most people simply do not give law enforcement their due.Cops go to work, have to deal with becoming babysitters to childish adults, deal with thugs, meth heads, violent gangs, and then they come home to read that some punk journalist has written more negative drivel on the supposed wrongful “bully cop” who thoughtlessly broke the nose of some poor defenseless rapist.It is high time people start praising police for their heroic actions.

The urban myth states that all cops protect a bad cop. Nothing could be further from the truth. Police weed out those not worthy to wear a badge, and if you look at the actual statistics, cops show no mercy towards an errant cop convicted of misconduct.

My personal interactions with police, who I proudly call friends, has been straightforward. The police and detectives I know are honorable and decent folks. They work hard, protect innocents and most of my buddies got into the field of law enforcement because of a internal moral compass most people do not possess. I have had cops look out for my family, help me in an investigation or two, and at all times, they have been kind and gone the extra mile.Find me a politician with the same humanity skills. The reason I have so many friends in the force is not some wanna be urge, but because we can appreciate each other’s gifts. No, I never did a ride along, never engaged in hero worship of police, but aI do note that firefighters always get great press and believe maybe it’s high time to start recognizing the efforts of those that protect the people.

I am a composer, but I use my own detective skills to ferret out a melody, have it fit with a larger conspiracy of sound and create a credible case for polyphony. Just as detectives need to build a case using deductive reasoning, I use the same area of my brain to deduce the most logical path to melodic accomplishment.
Now as far as conspiracy theorists, Cops deal in real conspiracies daily. Criminal behavior is usually conspiratorial in nature.I spoke to a friend who has dozens of years in law enforcement and he told me he cringes every time he hears some “know it all” spout off about “fake conspiracies” “Try telling that to my buddies who break up gangs or work in drugs or breaking up fraud rings..We deal in real life conspiracies daily”

I created a YouTube channel this year that serves as a giant cyber puzzle. I used whatever sleuth abilities I possess as a Historian and Composer. So far, people truly seem to be interested in figuring out the many clues I embedded in the channel.


Most of my friends in the business of composition are would be detectives, sharing a propensity for mathematics, cryptology, puzzles, and the like. We are interpreters, as are detectives. So if I come off as unabashedly pro law enforcement, blame my composer gene.


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