Truth or Consequences. America Under Oath.The Perjury Pandemic. By Thomas Schoenberger

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Perjury is the crime of taking a false oath. In Latin, one can break down the word to per, through and jurare, to swear. The term dates back to the 14th century, but the crime dates back to the beginning of culture, surely. The voluntary violation of an oath or vow either by swearing to what is untrue or by omission to do what has been promised under oath is false swearing. A mistake of fact or an unintentional misrepresentation of fact is not considered to be perjury. In order for a witness to commit perjury during his or her testimony in court, he or she must intentionally make a false statement of fact. In addition, in many places, telling a lie about something immaterial to the matter before the court is not considered perjury.Perjurers face felony charges and usually end up in prison, due to the fact that courts do not like being lied to.
The crime is so serious, that perjurers are made an example of. Lie to a Judge or Court and you could face up to 5 years in prison, not jail. Aiding and abetting a perjurer is also a felony,since it is considered a conspiracy against the court to abet a known perjury.

The statement upon which a charge of perjury is based must be something that was relevant to the court’s decision in the matter before the court. Say for example, Mary Six Pack tells a judge that Joe Blow was calling her from a blocked phone number. If in fact Joe Blow did not call her, Mary better get herself a good attorney because she will be prosecuted. If Mary was perjuring herself to cover up greater fraud, then the police will investigate her, her friends and her criminal history. Her phone records will be searched. Her life will be under a microscope. Criminalists consider this type of false swearing (perjury as an act of obstruction) as the most serious, since bearing false witness harms the general sanctity of the system itself. Police can easily find who called or did not call from a blocked number. The NSA scandal has pretty much proven that there are few secrets. That may violate some people’s sense of privacy, but it can also exonerate falsely accused people. If Mary has any prior record and they are crimes of moral turpitude, then Mary better do some hard praying. She should have considered that the police only have to go to her phone provider to prove her perjury. Welcome to the cyber jungle….

A person may also be guilty of lying under oath in writing. Many legal documents include a statement attesting to the fact that the person executing the document swears, under the penalties of perjury, that the information contained in the document is true and accurate. Once a person signs the document, he or she is subject to a charge of perjury if a material fact was misrepresented or a false statement was made in the document.

In most states, it is a crime to knowingly lie after taking an oath to tell the truth. Additionally, committing perjury can be as simple as signing a document knowing that it contains false statements and information. The technical definition of perjury is the telling of a lie after having taken an oath to tell the truth, usually in a court of law or simply “to lie under oath.” The matter that is lied about also has to affect the outcome of a case. An example of this would be if any individual fibbed about the year they were born, which wouldn’t be considered perjury, unless that was a major factor in proving the specific case.

In many cases, there is a fine line between the interpretation of a fact and actual perjury. This is because a person can be honest and think a certain fact to be true when it isn’t. There are other countries, like France, in which the accused cannot be heard under affirmation or oath, meaning there is no way for them to commit perjury even if they lie during their trial. The attempt to coerce one into committing perjury is also considered a crime, referred to as the subornation of perjury.

Perjury is a common-law crime governed by both state and federal laws and under federal law, the punishment for perjury in most states is the imposition of a fine, imprisonment, or both. A person who has been convicted of perjury can face a fine of up to $15,000 and/or a prison term of up to 15 years, which depends on how serious the lie was and how much effect it had on the outcome of a case. Federal law also imposes sentencing enhancements when the court determines that a defendant has falsely testified on his own behalf and is convicted. Under the Federal Sentencing Guidelines, the court is required to automatically increase the defendant’s sentence. A convicted subject can also have to publicly apologize, or may lose their job (as well as respect from their peers) for committing perjury.

A recent famous case that involved perjury was with Martha Stewart, who was convicted of the intent to commit perjury as well as for lying to a federal agent. Perhaps the most recent notorious case of one who has been accused of perjury was in 1998, when the U.S. President Bill Clinton was impeached by the House of Representatives for his involvement in an affair with Monica Lewinsky and lying under oath about it, as well, for the obstruction of justice. He ended up being acquitted by the Senate and he never faced any criminal charges, though he did have to pay a fine for “contempt of court”

From Roger Clemens to the wife of George Zimmerman, suddenly, perjury is a hot subject, with prosecutors now willingly going after perjurers because it plays well in the press. But, how is perjury, once considered a split hair type of legal term, all of a sudden vogue? Because of it’s complexity it comes down to what the person said, what they understood themselves to be saying and what they understood the question to be. Said one lawyer I spoke with last week, “If law enforcement can prove someone perjured themselves in order to either harm another person or to put a roadblock in an investigation, then the courts take this matter very seriously. To quote John Butler, “The tongue may be employed about and made to serve all the purposes of vice in tempting and deceiving, in perjury and injustice”. To quote an unidentified source, “Discover the perjury and you discover more crime”. Perjury is now being taken far more seriously by prosecutors, since perjurers makes fools of judges, police and the system in general. Perjurers are forewarned, “Mess with the Judge and the Judge will Mess with you back”.

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Want to see a conspiracy theorist? Look in the Mirror

Benjamin Franklin

A conspiracy theory purports to explain a social, political or economic event as being caused or covered up by a covert group or organization. On April 15th 2013, Conspiracy theories went viral on the internet, alleging that the Boston bombings were a ‘false flag’, an event hoaxed on the unsuspecting public with the aim of fooling the American public into allowing Big Government to leave the people unarmed and therefore unable to defend themselves against tyranny.

This notion is not a new one to the American people, nor is it foreign to humankind. I propose that most human interaction involves conspiracy. When a woman wears lipstick, is she not conspiring to simulate estrus in order to appear attractive? Is not the Hair Club for Men a conspiracy by the male species to fool strangers into believing male pattern baldness avoided you? Would Ben Franklin be a member of Hair Club for Men? I do not doubt it. Ben was a master conspirator, and is beloved by the American public because of his ability to outwit the British.

Anytime Anderson Cooper speaks out against bullying cases, he is a conspiracy theorist because he postulates that multiple antagonists actively sought to harass a certain person. And military history is replete with disinformation, false flags, strategies and tactics meant to fool the enemy. Anytime any group of people wage war on another, you will find conspiracy. As far as the media, they are masters of conspiracy. Anderson’s “keeping them honest” segments are a conspiracy by CNN content providers to make us believe that CNN has the monopoly on integrity. Same goes for Fox with their ‘Fair and Balanced’ motto. Same as Alex Jones and Piers Morgan, having a verbal slugfest on national news some months back. Piers sees a conspiracy of gun crazy Americans and Alex sees an evil Government out to enslave us. I am, like most of us, a spectator. I am neither a Republican or Democrat and I have the same low opinion of politics as the next person…Its almost like we have a conspiracy as a nation to hold our elected leaders in low regard. We, the American Public, are quickly becoming tired and suspicious of mainstream media. I guess we all better get the CT branding irons out and offer up our foreheads…….

Have you ever felt like your parents were “ganging up on you”? Well, look in the mirror. You will see a conspiracy theorist staring back at you, unless, of course you are a vampire and therefore have no reflection. In that case, beware of conspiracy theorists bearing torches and pitchforks.

Locust 2

And now the moral of the story. We are all conspiracy theorists, everyone of us. So is the Government. So is the media. So are the banks. We are all conspirators, as well. Every secret society, every sister whispering in another’s ear, every parent who conspires to hide the ugly truth from the ears of their children, too tender in age to process sex or violence, are conspirators . Every party we throw, ever secret we tell, every meeting we take, its all conspiracy…. Conspiracy defines us. Our nation was borne of conspiracy. Did not Paul Revere conspire to alert Boston that the British were coming? Does not every parent “conspire” to lie to their children when they propose the reality of Santa Claus? Isn’t every fiction writer on earth conspiring to teleport its readers’ minds to another realm? Name a behavior between two people that is not a conspiracy. Calling someone a conspiracy theorist is pretty redundant….

On another April 15th, back in 1865, the shaken and angry leaders of our Government sat around a bed too small for the gaunt figure sprawled across it. That dying figure was Abraham Lincoln and in the coming days, the Government denounced the “Conspiracy of Evil men” who had plotted his assassination.

In fact, the FOUNDING FATHERS put forth the unpopular conspiracy theory that England planned to raise taxes, leave the people poorer and keep them in the dark about their long term nefarious goals. The Founding Fathers were proven correct and were the Government of Lincoln’s. So before you write someone off for their conspiracy theories, perhaps you should glean that humanity, every nation and ever age has been inspired, changed and furthered by conspiracy theories.

Labels should not imprison us. In the end, all of us come from a long line of conspiracy theorists. Please tell nobody you read this blog……………..

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Thomas Schoenberger Blogs on Sifting Sands

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Civ Grains of SandWe are in a time of shifting sands. every compass we trusted seems to be acting wildly and without any metric. But these are the times that we , as humans, can overcome our challenges and better each other. So, be one with the sand……Speaking of finding things in the sand, this just in from Science Report:

Sea of Galilee find puzzles archeologists: April 11th 2013

A mysterious stone structure has been discovered beneath the waters of the Sea of Galilee in Israel. Weighing an estimated 60,000 tons, the human-made monument has puzzled archaeologists as to its purpose.
The structure was first found during the summer of 2003, when it was detected during a sonar survey of the southwest portion of the sea. Divers then investigated the location, taking note of how large the pile of stones was and what the construction pattern was like.
“Close inspection by scuba diving revealed that the structure is made of basalt boulders up to one meter long with no apparent construction pattern,” write the researchers in their journal article. “The boulders have natural faces with no signs of cutting or chiseling. Similarly, we did not find any sign of arrangement or walls that delineate this structure.”

More than likely, the massive human-constructed pile of stones is a cairn, which is a pile of stones used to mark stone-age burial sites. The rocks were hauled to the site over land and placed near the Sea of Galilee. Eventually, the water rose and submerged the structure.
Exactly what this cairn was used for and why it was built is still a mystery, though. Currently, researchers are trying to find associated artifacts to determine the structure’s date and purpose. However, the scientists do have some theories about when it was built.
Yitzhak Paz, a researcher at the Israel Antiquities Authority, believes that the cairn could date back more than 4,000 years, according to LiveScience.
“The more logical possibility is that it belongs to the third millennium B.C., because there are other megalithic phenomena [from that time] that are found close by,” said Paz in an interview with LiveScience.
In particular, the monumental site of Khirbet Beteiha can be found about 20 miles north-east of the structure within the Sea of Galilee. Created from three concentric stone circles, it’s dated to the Early Bronze Age and is one of the largest sites in the region.
More research needs to be conducted before any conclusions are drawn. However, the site does present a new opportunity for researchers to understand the ancient history of the region, and possibly unearth artifacts from a distant time.

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Back by Popular Demand, The Great Comet of 1680.

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Great Comet of 1680

1680 was a very interesting year for star gazers.A comet so large, so brilliant and so visible blazed across the sky, inspiring astrologers, soothsayers ande even Issac Newton !C/1680 V1, also called the Great Comet of 1680, Kirch’s Comet, and Newton’s Comet, has the distinction of being the first comet discovered by telescope. Discovered by Gottfried Kirch on 14 November 1680, New Style, it became one of the brightest comets of the 17th century – reputedly visible even in daytime – and was noted for its spectacularly long tail.

In America, it caused a sensation.This is what the first Dutch settlers of Esopus, New York, saw in the sky over 300 years ago!

Excerpt from The History of Kingston, by Marius Schoonmaker, 1888, at page 70

On the 9th of December 1680, there appeared an extraordinary comet, which caused very great consternation throughout the province, with forebodings of dreadful happenings and divine punishments. It is described, in a letter dated January 1st, 1681, as having “appeared in the Southwest on the ninth of December last, about two o’clock in the afternoon, fair sunshine weather, a little above the sun, which takes its course more northerly,and was seen the Sunday night, right after about twilight, with a very fiery tail or streamer in the west, to the great astonishment of all spectators, and is now seen every night with clear weather. Undoubtedly, God threatens us with dreadful punishments if we do not repent.” The letter then suggested the propriety of proclaiming a day of humiliation and prayer.

Now we enter the spring of 2013.The sky is bringing use surprises every month. Asteroids,. meteors, fireballs,locusts drones,…..Ray Bradbury must be turning in his grave !

It seems to me that this same “Great” Comet of 1680 will be coming our way once again.Soon.. Real soon. As in before November 28th 2013.I suggest this comet will encounter the sun, survive for a day, and then break up.

This time, the comet has been renamed ISON. Of course the “authorities” are busy “spinning” the usual drivel, assuring the public they know everything about the comet, and always have. But the facts speak otherwise. The comet was only rediscovered in September of 2012. Just like nobody saw the Valentines meteorite that struck Russia so violently last month,it is becoming increasingly evident that the finest scientists on the planet can only predict a fraction of future events, and have varying views of past astrophysical events.

So, in the coming month’s I will post on Comet ISON. I do not believe the comet will be 15 times brighter than the moon, as Brian Williams reports. Nor do I think it will die as it approaches the sun. I think it survives, but just for a mere 24 hours after the encounter.

The bet is on…..

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The day I released my New CD “322”, a Meteor over New York Streaks across the Night Sky

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There are no coincidences…….My new CD entitled 322 deals with the coming of asteroids, meteors, and comets, things falling from heaven…..My first single called Jerusalem was launched the morning of 3-22. Last night, I noticed a slew of hits on my Youtube channel. Now I know why….

I guess this is a first..Having a meteor arrive just in time to help market a new CD that deals with ….Fiery stones falling from the sky!

botticelli_57_annunciation (1)

Meteor lights up night sky over eastern United States
March 22, 2013|Daniel Trotta | Reuters


(Denis Balibouse/Reuters)

NEW YORK (Reuters) – A meteor bright enough to be classified as a fireball lit up the night sky over eastern North America on Friday, providing a spectacle witnessed in at least 13 states, Washington, D.C. and two Canadian provinces, the American Meteor Society said.

The society verified more than 300 witness sightings from Ontario and Quebec down to the southern U.S. state of North Carolina with more than 100 reports yet to be reviewed, said Mike Hankey, an observer for the American Meteor Society.

More of an update New fireball seen over Argentina April 22nd 2013



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Jerusalem by Thomas Schoenberger

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    New composition “Jerusalem” on youtube: This is my first release from my CD entitled “322” The theme is fireballs falling from the sky….The arrival of such things is here, I feel, despite the oddly disconnected utterances out of Nasa that “everything if fine”. Is it? Something is happening in the sky and from the meteors seen in Russia,Cuba, and even here in Northern California, more are coming.. I personally think it is connected to a comet called ISON, a comet observed in 1680, and prior to this as the Comet of Destruction mentioned by Roman historian Josephus as the harbinger of the destruction of Israel.This comet is back….and I am not joking.. The meteors are it’s calling cards,and more fireballs are coming….sooner than you think. By the third week of November,you will look up in the sky and it will appear as if we have two moons…Remember this post……..I hope you enjoy the music….

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