Netherworld by Schoenberger and Christodoulou

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New cinematic musical composition Netherworld. Listen here.

“Netherworld” was created by Sophia Musik: Thomas Schoenberger & Constantine Christodoulou.

Thomas Schoenberger is a composer who speaks in music.

He has no transitive verbs to accompany his music.

He lacks nouns, and prefers to let the music speak on its own, unencumbered by text.

“Netherworld” was created by Sophia Musik: Thomas Schoenberger & Constantine Christodoulou.

Composer Thomas Schoenberger

Composer Thomas Schoenberger

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The day I released my New CD “322”, a Meteor over New York Streaks across the Night Sky

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There are no coincidences…….My new CD entitled 322 deals with the coming of asteroids, meteors, and comets, things falling from heaven…..My first single called Jerusalem was launched the morning of 3-22. Last night, I noticed a slew of hits on my Youtube channel. Now I know why….

I guess this is a first..Having a meteor arrive just in time to help market a new CD that deals with ….Fiery stones falling from the sky!

botticelli_57_annunciation (1)

Meteor lights up night sky over eastern United States
March 22, 2013|Daniel Trotta | Reuters


(Denis Balibouse/Reuters)

NEW YORK (Reuters) – A meteor bright enough to be classified as a fireball lit up the night sky over eastern North America on Friday, providing a spectacle witnessed in at least 13 states, Washington, D.C. and two Canadian provinces, the American Meteor Society said.

The society verified more than 300 witness sightings from Ontario and Quebec down to the southern U.S. state of North Carolina with more than 100 reports yet to be reviewed, said Mike Hankey, an observer for the American Meteor Society.

More of an update New fireball seen over Argentina April 22nd 2013



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Jerusalem by Thomas Schoenberger

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    New composition “Jerusalem” on youtube: This is my first release from my CD entitled “322” The theme is fireballs falling from the sky….The arrival of such things is here, I feel, despite the oddly disconnected utterances out of Nasa that “everything if fine”. Is it? Something is happening in the sky and from the meteors seen in Russia,Cuba, and even here in Northern California, more are coming.. I personally think it is connected to a comet called ISON, a comet observed in 1680, and prior to this as the Comet of Destruction mentioned by Roman historian Josephus as the harbinger of the destruction of Israel.This comet is back….and I am not joking.. The meteors are it’s calling cards,and more fireballs are coming….sooner than you think. By the third week of November,you will look up in the sky and it will appear as if we have two moons…Remember this post……..I hope you enjoy the music….

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Thomas Schoenberger Releases “” Featuring Lenny Williams

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Thomas Schoenberger has waited many years to release this single. Produced by Preston Glass, as gifted  producer that ever lived. The singer is the extraordinary Lenny Williams, who was the legendary singer of Tower of Power.

This song was written for you.
The song is being released to a world seeking answers, a world where Facebook friends replace flesh and blood friends, where people seek solace in avatars rather than in themselves. Where a global hermit movement must be challenged and vanquished. Please spread this song far and wide, cast a net of music.  This is a new concept. Something unheard of in the music business.The song was written before 9/11, before the economy died, before we lived our lives through the cyber  cobweb Thank you for listening and I hope you get some inspiration from this melody.

Thomas Schoenberger




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Musical Robot Bands of the 13th Century – Strange But True

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Al-Jazari, an inventor of the 13th century, and a clever creator of over 100 devices ranging from automata to a myriad of water pumping devices seems to have invented a marvelous musical robot band,something unlike any other invention in history.  Move over Steve Jobs.

Al Jazari’s work described fountains and musical automata, in which the flow of water alternated from one large tank to another at hourly or half-hourly intervals. This operation was achieved through his innovative use of hydraulic switching.  He also created a musical automaton, which was a boat with four automatic musicians that floated on a lake to entertain guests at royal drinking parties.

Professor Noel Sharkey has argued that it is quite likely that it was an early programmable automata and has produced a possible reconstruction of the mechanism; it has a programmable drum machine with pegs (cams) that bump into little levers that operated the percussion. The drummer could be made to play different rhythms and different drum patterns if the pegs were moved around.I have included an image of the “oddest band in history” at left.

Thomas Schoenberger

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