She’s My Old Flame – Girlfriend Ends Up Homeless

Featuring Angelina Jolie in a video for a song about a ex girlfriend that ends up crazy and homeless.
Not a true story, but just good song writing material……

Lyrics by Thomas Schoenberger

I got this new job, I’m working downtown.
I get up early and I fight the traffic all around.
I take the elevator forty stories high
It was my first day, so I got off at 5
I took a walk outside.

As I turned to leave, I saw a bag lady looking at me,
I had to turn away, I recognized her face !

She’s my old flame, I saw her yesterday
She didn’t have a place to stay
She asked me for the time, I gave her my last dime
When I looked at her, there’s something crazy in her eyes…

Well hey hey baby, what happened to you?

I hardly recognize the pretty thing that I once knew…..

You’ve had some hard luck, burned ideep your face,
Those eyes were once so happy, now their staring out into space
I don;t know what to say…

Life has treated you cruel,
What ever happened to the girl that I knew?

The girl who broke my heart, pushing a shopping cart?

She’s my old flame
I saw her yesterday
I didn’t know just what to say

Well she broke my heart in two, and fed me to the wolves, and I guess your karma’s finally catching up to you

No shoes under her feet, that’s my old flame living in the street
It really serves her right, She nearly ruined my life….\

Do you remember baby, how you laughed at me, as I cried for you, how you broke my heart, broke my heart in two..

She’s my old flame…..


Signing off — Thomas Schoenberger

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